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Velocity Reports

Velocity reports compile complex live market data points into an easy to read report that enables dealers to identify and source units with the highest potential in your retail market.

Free Inventory Analysis Report

The top dealers in the U.S. don't guess on their inventory management. They make informed decisions based on live retail market data.

The DealersLink velocity Reprot identifies the vehicles with the highest potential in your local market. Gain the insight to know wich vehicles to stock, what the price them for, what to offer customer appraisals, and which units to unload. Increase your turn rates and generate more profit.

Sign up today for a free inventory analysis report for your dealership and see how the right market data can help you find the vehicles with the hightest potential in your live market.

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Velocity Report Features

Fast/Slow Movers

See the fastest and slowest selling vehicles in your store or region.

Most Sold

See which vehicle models are the most popular in your store or region.

Ideal Unit Mix

Stock the ideal inventory mix for your market.