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Craigslist Plus

Our automated Craigslist solution manages a dealer's advertising on Craigslist. To the dealers, it's just like AutoTrader and works like a Craigslist subscription. The dealer determines their monthly ad budget and sets their listing criteria, and let it run.

Automated Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Funnel traffic, collect leads and boost showroom traffic. Put your dealership on Craigslist Plus and convert Craigslist leads seamlessly.

Why Craigslist Plus?

Marketing Cruise Control
  • It automates the listings process for a dealership
  • Uses live market analytics to post best performing cars and trucks in a dealer’s inventory
  • Our software knows when you change a price or delete a vehicle and we will automatically update your listings within 24 hours.
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Leads and Reporting

Dealers get immediate ROI for a minimal investment each month
Our clients have seen an average 30% increase in lead volume with our technology. Shoppers can communicate any way they want with the dealership and our call tracking service comes with every Craigslist package fully supporting PHONE, TEXT, EMAIL and LANDING PAGE leads. All exportable to a dealer's CRM. Dealer can log in anytime to view all Craigslist activity (live ads, leads, ad settings, etc.)

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